How Do I Know That the Bible Is True?

Is The Bible True?


One inquiry, and frequently an analysis of Christianity, is the genuine adherent’s all out faith in each word in the Bible being simply the essential fact of the matter, enlivened exclusively by God Himself. When alluding to the Bible, numerous non-adherents will quickly ignore it just like a “fantasy”; so loaded with logical inconsistencies that it can not be accepted.

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The commonness of mainstream humanist and pantheistic perspectives, despite the fact that around for hundreds and even great many year, have thrived in the last hundred or so years. Such perspectives have underscored this point with a great many individuals that the Bible can’t be accepted in light of the fact that it is so loaded with logical inconsistencies. They have heard it so often, that they trust it is valid, that the Bible is loaded with inconsistencies, by the simple truth that so numerous OTHER individuals put stock in the logical inconsistencies. That would resemble saying that on the grounds that a great many people accepted the world was level before Christopher Columbus set out on his excursion to the new world, that it was surely level.

When faced with such a remark, or discover by a non-devotee, the least complex activity, much of the time is just ask them an inquiry, for example,

“I comprehend that numerous individuals accept the Bible is loaded with logical inconsistencies. Would you be able to name me one?”

On the off chance that they can not, and most by and large can not make a weak endeavor to cite any apparent inconsistencies, the outline of a great many people accepting the bible trivia world was level didn’t make it level. Truth isn’t dictated by majority rules system. Maybe they can at any rate tune in to what the Bible needs to say by then.

“Your statement is truth.” – spoken by Jesus in John 17:17 (striking accentuation added)

“The whole of Your assertion is truth, And all of Your honorable decisions suffers until the end of time.” Psalm 119:160 (intense accentuation added)

“Accordingly God, deciding to show all the more plentifully to the beneficiaries of guarantee the unchanging nature of His guidance, affirmed it by a pledge, that by two changeless things, where it is unimaginable for God to lie, we may have solid relief, who have fled for asylum to lay hold of the expectation set before us.” Hebrews 6:17-18 (intense accentuation added)

Most importantly, recollect the expressions of Paul in his letter to Timothy:

“All Scripture is given by motivation of God, and is productive for principle, for denunciation, for revision, for guidance in nobility, that the righteous man might be finished, altogether prepared for each great work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17

In reality, there are individuals who know about what gives off an impression of being logical inconsistencies in the Bible and can name a few, in any case, the references they’ve likely gotten from non-adherents are not inconsistencies by any means. All things being equal, they are regularly the consequence of somebody either not perusing, or not examining the Bible adequately and expects on the grounds that something seems, by all accounts, to be saying something other than what’s expected, it is indeed an inconsistency. When an inconsistency is set up, the rationale for the most part goes: “If there is one logical inconsistency, there are no uncertainty many. On the off chance that the Bible HAS logical inconsistencies, the two adaptations can not be valid. In the event that one isn’t accurate, at that point one can’t say the ‘Good book is valid’, and in this manner it can’t be depended on as the essential fact of the matter or Word of God.”

This is one motivation behind why it is significant for the devotee to comprehend “inductive” Bible investigation. Inductive Bible examination is an interaction of first noticing the content in a real sense. What do they say? Then, one searches for the legitimate translation of those words: what’s the significance here by them, and the third step is the ‘utilization’ of the words: “how would I apply this to my life.” Studying the Bible in this way permits one to completely comprehend God’s statement.

Alternately, there is “deductive” Bible investigation, and that makes the way for some mistaken assumptions and misinterpretations. This is by and large the technique non-devotees and Bible pundits use to either make a specific statement or view they hold, or to attempt to demonstrate the Bible is conflicting or bogus. “Deductive” Bible investigation is beginning with a reason and utilizing the expressions of the Bible to demonstrate or invalidate ones inclined reason.

1 Corinthians 2:14: “Yet the regular man doesn’t get the things of the Spirit of God, for they are stupidity to him; nor would he be able to know them, since they are profoundly perceived.”

There are numerous Christians and non-Christians the same, who don’t accept the Bible to be the enlivened Word of God. The individuals who may have perused or contemplated the Bible somewhat will frequently site the way that the 4 Gospels give various records of similar circumstances, and thusly it is conflicting and can not be accepted as exact, however maybe just as a decent “story”. Here are a couple of models:

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