Online Color Blind Test Launched

World famous Dr. Thomas Azman has launched a free online color blind test to help people decide if they qualify for the Color Correction System, which has saved countless people from losing their jobs due to vision impairment of colors.
Azman’s color vision specialists have developed a free online color blind test, accessible online, that allows people to test their color vision.

It is common for people to not realize they are color blind until they become adults. However, once it becomes apparent, it can be extremely detrimental to career ambitions. In order to serve in various industries, such as law enforcement, the field of electrical technicians, railway engineers, or the military, individuals must pass a color blind test. In most cases, it will be the Ishihara color plate test, which is the international gold standard for testing color vision.

Dr. Thomas Amzan has been helping his patients pass the Ishihara Color Plate Test since 1999 with his Color Correction System. He is the only optometrist in the world to offer colored corrective glasses and contact lenses that have a 100 percent success rate. During his travels color blind glasses philippines 
around the world, treating patients who needed his service, Amzan decided that he wanted to give people a simplified way to test their color vision for themselves.

“People often go through a selection process for, say, the police academy or the military, and are disappointed to find that they did not pass the color vision test and cannot move on,” Amzan said. “With this online test, people who know they will need to do the Ishihara color plate test can see for themselves whether or not they have a problem and receive treatment before getting tested.”

The test is free and easy. By simply looking at some images and counting the number of circles for each color, the “Show Results” button will quickly determine if that person is color blind.

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