The Yoda Lightsaber FX – A Collectible Item That’s Loads of Fun!

One of the most endearing characters from the Star Wars movies is of course Yoda. And, since 1977 when the first film came out, lightsaber toys have been a big hit. I have been a big fan of the Star Wars films for a long time and even though the newer movies, the 3 prequels were made with new film technology, the first 3 films, episodes 4 through 6 have stood the test of time.

I clearly remember my mother taking a friend and me to the movie theatre to see the first Star Wars film in 1977. I had no idea what the movie was about and I think my mom heard it was a good movie for kids and decided on it as an outing one Saturday afternoon. I was completely blown away by the special effects and the adventurous story line so that as each new movie came out I went to see them right away. Although I never collected any of the toys while growing up, my family has begun to in the last few years.

The Yoda Ligthtsaber FX from Hasbro was released a few years ago and both young and old have enjoyed them. My husband (who is also a fan of the films) has 3 of the characters lightsabers mounted on our family room wall. He has Darth Vader’s lightsaber, Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and of course Yoda’s.

As we have a young son, my husband has Lightsabers conveniently used this an excuse each time he wanted to purchase one of these FX toy lighsabers. I recall that when we bought the first one at the store a few years ago, there were many dads and sons checking them out on the display, with the dads being the most intrigued by them. These toys are not the cheap plastic lightsabers that came out in 1977 however. With these new ones the handles are made from die-cast metal that replicate the ones used in each of the movies. They also feature digital effects so that it sounds just like the movie when you turn it on and wave it around.

Since we purchased the first two of our lightsabers at the same time (Luke Skywalker’s and Darth Vader’s), my son and my husband were able to play with them right away. One night, the two of them went out to the park with the sabers to have a dual and it was the coolest thing listening to the realistic sounds and watching the colorful lighted blades wave around in the dark. In fact, a car stopped at the side of the road to watch as my husband and son dueled it out in the park. A few months afterwards, we purchased the Yoda Ligthtsaber FX so that I could join in the fun too.

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