4 Famous Football Logos: Images of Pride, Aggression, Glory and Tradition

Football emblems are a symbol of pride, aggression, glory, celebration, victory, history tradition and loyalty. It is a mark that brings fans from all over the world together and becomes a mark of festivity.

But what do these symbols stand for?

Let’s have a look at some of the famous club football logo designs:

1. Manchester United:

This famous emblem consists of an image of a red devil with an image of a ship over it and the entire image is encased in a crest like image that contains the team’s name and small images of two footballs. The entire image is crafted in red and yellow colors which makes it eye catching and bright. This red devil image has been derived from the official crest of the Manchester city while the ship is a reference to the introduction of the Manchester shipping canal which is an industrial asset for the city. Overall, this monogram is an exact depiction of tradition, history and aggression which does not fail to scare its opponents.

2. Liverpool:

This emblem consists of a mythical bird called the Liver bird that can created in 1892 when the crest for the city was being developed which made it an obvious choice for the city’s football team as well. The bird is a cross between an eagle and a cormorant. Besides the bird, their club cres www.ufabet t contains an intricate design on top of the emblem with the slogan ‘You’ll never walk alone’ and is combined with two torches on both sides of the brand mark. Overall, the image looks imaginative, historical and delicate.

3. Chelsea:

This famous team has altered their monogram many times and each design never fails to impress its viewers. The current design has been inspired by a civic coat of arms of the Metropolitan Borough of Chelsea that contains an image of a lion with a stick. The prominent colors in the emblem are blue and white which are also the team’s colors.

4. FC Barcelona:

Although their emblem has faced minor changes over the years, the basic concept seems to remain the same. The design consists of a complex yet delicate design that contain the Catalan flag on one side, the St. Jordi’s cross on the other side and a stripped design of the team’s football colors with an image of a football underneath it. One factor that brings all these images together and adds a sophisticated touch is that the entire image is encased in a golden colored shield.

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