Career Planning Portfolios – Resume on Steroids

Career planning portfolios are like resumes on steroids. They are work related collections you put together to show your abilities, skills and achievements. Career planning portfolios are extremely useful in drafting your resume and can be used as a marketing tool because they are solid evidence of your accomplishments.

Traditionally career planning portfolios have been used by creative artists, actors and photographers. But they can also be used by journalists, business people and anyone Buy Crazy Bulk Steroids who can point to a record of achievements. Achievements can come from anywhere and do not have to be job related. Volunteer work can also be highlighted. Career planning portfolios have become so important to modern job applicants that many high schools and colleges require students to assemble portfolios as a requirement for graduation.

What can career planning portfolios do for you?

o Demonstrate what you have accomplished in previous jobs or assignments, or even as a volunteer.

o Showcase your skills and abilities.

o Give you extra confidence and serve as a reminder as you prepare for an interview.

o And the number one reason that many cite is to use it as a draft or starting point to putting together their resume.

What should be included in career planning portfolios? Of course, this depends on what skills, abilities and accomplishments you want to bring to

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