Rotary, Retractable and Folding Clothes Lines – What Type of Clothes Line is Best For Me?

There are two main types of clothes lines, Outdoor and indoor. Indoor clotheslines come in basically three different types, Wall mounted, Ceiling mounted and Free Standing frames. Outdoor clotheslines come in four types, Folding Frame or Fold down, Retractable, Fixed Head Rotary and Folding style Rotary.

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Outdoor Models.

Fixed Head Rotaries at a glance.

Strong and robust.
Massive line space.
Galvanized wire lines.
Good space between lines.
Aluminum winders.
Needs a lot of yard space.
Can be unsightly.
Permanently fixed.

Fixed Head Rotary. Fixed head, means that the clothesline Pulley Cloth Drying Hanger can rotate around but cannot fold down and away. Traditionally, Fixed Head Rotary clothes lines are the clotheslines of choice being found in many homes. They are the old style galvanized types with four permanently extended arms that usually wind up and down. You may find that your parents once had or still do have one of these styles. All though these clotheslines have traditionally been the most popular in times past it does not mean that they are the best choice for today. For example more styles of clotheslines have been invented since your parents day and backyards and family needs have changed since then.

The negatives.

Fixed Head Rotary Clotheslines are best suited for yards with a lot of space. The typical Fixed Rotary can have an average of a 4 meter diagonal span with at least an extra 1 meter needed around its revolving perimeter for laundry to blow about. Fixed Rotaries can blow and rotate around a lot in strong winds so you don’t want your expensive laundry items getting snagged on fences or rose bushes etc. Homes these days are usually much smaller in the yard space than the old days and sometimes trying to fit one of these lines into your yard can be a very difficult task indeed. Fixed Rotaries can also be a very unsightly view either with clothes on them or not. So if you live in a neighborhood with prying eyes or you are a very house proud person then take this on board. These days, modern Fixed Rotaries can be purchased specially colored to help make them a more attractive feature for your yard. Because the lines get shorter and shorter as you move closer to the middle of the clothesline, this means that if you wash a lot of sheets then you can only use the outside lines as the inner ones will not be wide enough.

The positives.

Strong and robust are words that they are usually described as. Fixed Rotaries normally have no plastic parts, but sometimes the gear case can be plastic. Usually the gear case which winds the clothesline up and down is made from aluminum which is weather proof and strong. The winder is a help full tool that allows the user to raise the line to help sheets clear the ground, and to lower to aid the user in removing or adding laundry. Folding Rotaries also have this feature. One of the biggest reasons to use one of these lines is because of the massive capability to handle large amounts of laundry at one time. So if you have a lot of people in your home, more than 4, then a rotary will handle your loads. In addition to this, the wire that the clothes are pegged to are made from galvanized steel and so they are much longer lasting than the cord type of the folding or retractable styles. The lines are usually spaced much further apart from each other allowing plenty of air flow between sheets or larger laundry items. This aids drying times. Most Fixed rotaries are available from 4 meter spans up to 6 meter spans with the 6 meter having around 60 meters of line space. Wow, you will probably need to live on acres and have 20 or so kids to justify using one of these. They are usually used in blocks of units or flats nowadays.

Folding Rotaries at a glance.

Folds away.
Good line space.
Fits in smaller spaces.
Less space between lines.
PVC cord.

Folding Rotary. These are basically a modern updated version of the Fixed Head Rotaries but come with features not seen on the old style Fixed Head Rotaries. Such as, the ability to fold the arms away and the complete clothesline removes from a ground socket (usually has a safety cap) and can be stored away to add space to the yard or to remove unsightly clothes lines from a visitors view.

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