There’s Something About Spain

It doesn’t seem to matter that there have been reports of land grabs, falling property prices, estate agents going out of business and a general decline in the real estate related fortunes of Spain. You see, for Britons looking for a holiday destination, stunning Spain is still their number one choice and for the rest of the world Spain is number two on the list of favoured destinations.

Premium Photo | Tourism in alicante, spain. back view of traveler girl walking towards watchtower on santa barbara castle in alicante city, spain. young female tourist visiting southern europe.

It doesn’t seem to matter than parts of the Spanish coast have been overrun with high-rise property developments and hotels, that tourism resorts are criticised for being pricey and that there are allegedly areas of Spain where no Spanish people still reside. You see, Spain is a vast land of stunning contrasts, where history, culture, climate and lifestyle are all rich and wonderful, unspoiled and unchanged.

It doesn’t seem to matter what anyone says in terms of criticising or questioning the nation because there is more – far more – to Spain than the overcrowded beaches, British pubs, less than attractive apartments and falling property prices that are sadly synonymous with certain coastal regions. You see, the tiny portion of the Spanish landscape that has declined in attraction and appeal of late is insignificant when you view the nation as a whole and when you canvas universal opinion about the allure of the Spanish countryside, the attraction of the Spanish way of life and the desirability perfectly embodied by Spain.

It’s true – there’s something about Spain – something that means British and Irish property investors are keeping Spain firmly in their sights in 2008, something that keeps Spain in the top ten in terms of the lifestyle it offers retirees, something that has international experts in travel and tourism predicting continued and continuous growth in the numbers of citizens from around the world who will travel to Spain for at least the next decade…something that means Spain has evergreen, undeniable, unstoppable appeal.

Could it be the inimitably fabulous climate?

Could it be the affordable cost of living?

Could it be the standard and availability of quality healthcare and education?

Could it be the robust nature of the economy or the strength spain premium tourism of the Spanish political democracy?

Could it be the enviably laid back yet quality lifestyle?

Could it be the charm of the people, the interesting culture, the fascinating history, the sumptuous cuisine?

Or could it be the attractive property prices?

Attractive property prices?

Oh yes, for Spain is also home to a well kept and well preserved secret. Step back from the well beaten Costa del Sol track, head out from the hot and happening cities and explore the less well publicised regions of Spain and you will find land and property for sale at prices unimaginably affordable across many parts of Europe.

Take the region of Murcia as just a single example of a location in Spain where the weather is stunning, the lifestyle is fabulous, the towns, cities, villages and beaches are highly internationally accessible and where property prices remain affordable.

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