What Griffin Car Charger Should You Buy For Your iPad?

The portable champions at our web-based magazine were looking for an extraordinary vehicle charger for our iPad. The Griffin PowerJolt and PowerJolt Micro are vehicle chargers for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Both fit into your vehicle’s cigarette or 12 volt DC adornment attachment. What’s more, both MSRP for $24.99. While both the PowerJolt and PowerJolt miniature takes care of its business of accusing your iPad rapidly of Griffin’s quality assembling. We recommend perusers spend the extra $5 and bought the PowerJolt Plus.

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Our most serious issue is that we own different gadgets (counting a GPS) and their is only one DC attachment in our vehicle. The best arrangement we have found is Griffin’s Power Jolt Plus for iPad. The PowerJolt Plus does everything the customary PowerJolt and PowerJolt Micro does however has a frill attachment that replaces the one its utilizing. In the event that you have a GPS unit and use it routinely the PowerJolt Plus is an unquestionable requirement. It permits you to charge your iPad, yet smart ev charger every other Apple versatile item like your iPhone or iPod. Simply plug it into your 12 Volt DC or cigarette lighter attachment.


* Charges iPad, iPhone, or iPod from your 12 volt frill attachment
* Gives a second attachment to use for different gadgets while charging
* Underlying SmartFuse™ implies no circuits to supplant
* Savvy snaked link dodges tangles, never gets lost

Specialized Specifications

* Input voltage: 12 to 16 volts DC
* Yield voltage through dock connector for iPad/iPhone/iPod: 5 volts DC
* Yield current through dock connector for iPad/iPhone/iPod: 2.1 amp
* PowerJolt Plus power port result voltage: 12 to 16 volts DC

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